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August 26, 2018 //By Keith Szolusha, Analog Devices Inc.
Common headlight driver module with low EMI
Single 2MHz buck-boost controller drives entire LED headlight cluster, meets CISPR 25 class 5 EMI

FE and QFN Packages Fit Tight Spots

The LT8391A is available in a 4mm × 5mm 28-lead QFN for small size and a 28-lead TSSOP FE package for automotive designs. Both packages have thermally enhanced GND pads for power dissipation of the internal INTVCC LDO from higher voltages.

The internal LDO INTVCC regulator of these converters can handle driving four synchronous MOSFETs at 2MHz with about 15nC gate charge. The small size of the LT8391A FE 2MHz 16V, 1.5A demonstration circuit (DC2575A, based on the design of Figure 1) is shown in Figure 7. Only a single 5mm × 5mm inductor is necessary for this high power, versatile application.

Figure 7: Compact solution: 2MHz demonstration circuit DC2575A,
featuring LT8391A, drives 16V LEDs at 1.5A



Figure 8 a and b: PWM dimming using internal and
external PWM options; 1% and 0.05%, respectively

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