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January 12, 2018 //By Shrikant Acharya, Excelfore
A Data Pipeline for Effective Automotive OTA: Five Key Aspects of the eSync System
Automobiles coming into the market today contain many millions of lines of software. Therefore, regular updates are unavoidable. Given the sensitivity of the automotive environment in technological as well as in societal terms, such updates must be secure. This article describes how the necessary degree of security can be achieved.

End-to-End Compression

In the eSync System, data can be compressed from end-to-end. Files are compressed using mechanisms that are appropriate to each of the specific end devices being updated. This optimizes not only the bandwidth from the cloud to the vehicle, but also the bandwidth and reconstruction time inside the vehicle. The process relies on the bidirectional nature of the eSync data pipeline, making use of current information on the resources of the end device available to the server in the cloud.

  1. Multiple Integration Points with APIs

The eSync System is built from many middleware components that work together to create the bidirectional data pipeline, and each component has well-defined APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).  The interface between the agent and the client is built on APIs. The client-to-cloud interface is built on APIs. Similarly, the eSync cloud servers have APIs to interface with carmakers’ or third-party databases. They also have APIs for the cloud-based application front-end, which provides the user interface for creating OTA campaigns or examining diagnostic data. These provide clear and well-defined integration points. 

By providing multiple integration points with well-defined APIs, Excelfore has created an environment for many companies to participate in the eSync ecosystem. Carmakers can combine head units, ECUs, sensors, and actuators, from multiple sources, into a vehicle system with a single coherent data pipeline from the cloud all the way to the end devices, and can have high confidence in the integration effort and schedule.

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