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November 15, 2018 //By Cyril Cordoba, Renesas
Deep Neural Networks – only in combination with traditional computer vision
It will still take some time before fully-autonomous vehicles come onto the streets - even though the automotive industry is currently discussing automated driving intensively. Developments are evolutionary. Step by step, the technologies must emerge that are powerful enough, require little energy and meet the ISO 26262 standards.

Renesas autonomy

Renesas autonomy provides an end-to-end platform for assisted and autonomous driving, covering requirements in the various market segments - radar, camera, cognitive and connectivity. All applications are based on different semiconductor platforms, but on the same software platform with Autosar and various operating systems.

Fig. 8: Renesas autonomy – the platform for advanced driver
assistance systems and automated driving

Renesas and its partners from the R-Car Consortium offer customers comprehensive development support. As a result, Renesas is able to deliver not only the hardware, but complete solutions, including drivers, hardware and software tools, operating systems, middleware, and application software. The goal is to enable developers to create new designs with the shortest time to market.

Renesas autonomy's approach is to give developers freedom and support them with highly advanced solutions from Renesas and its partners. It has already achieved its first successes, confirming that the path of an open, innovative and secure platform is the right one.

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Cyril Cordoba is Manager Strategic Marketing, Renesas Global ADAS Center, Renesas Electronics.


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