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August 16, 2017 //By Joachim Hüggenberg, ViMOS Technologies
FOXvisor - Virtualization Solution in Secure Automotive Systems
Secure small footprint hypervisor makes most efficient use of CPU horsepower

Virtual Machine or Hypervisor

Seltech presents FOXvisor. Seltech is a Tokyo based vendor of security solutions for IoT, automotive, and consumer electronics products that protect systems from cyber-attack. The company offers unique virtualization technology and solutions which combine voice/visual recognition and artificial intelligence for applications. FOXvisor is a bare metal hypervisor, and as such offers the highest possible security, and most efficient use of CPU power, with usage of only 1% of the CPU power. FOXvisor minimizes the risk of unauthorized access by mapping designated secure data on the OS, with no need to modify the source code of the Rich OS. At only 32 KB, FOXvisor is the world’s smallest footprint hypervisor. FOXvisor is recognized as having the best performance bare metal virtualization system from major CPU core IP vendors. It supports architectures like ARM, MIPS, Intel, NVidia and others, and creates Trusted Execution Environments.

Figure 1: FOXvisor smallest footprint

Systems use shared memory to write data to all involved operating systems (OSs), both secure and non-secure. Since it is therefore easy for the data to be seen, this implies potential vulnerability. Even more attention is required when shared memory is provided for OSs like Linux and Android. Systems using these OSs are often composed of an unspecified number of applications, and end users are even authorized to add applications. It means that new applications, which system designers and administrators cannot consider in advance, may access the shared memory.

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