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August 16, 2017 //By Joachim Hüggenberg, ViMOS Technologies
FOXvisor - Virtualization Solution in Secure Automotive Systems
Secure small footprint hypervisor makes most efficient use of CPU horsepower

Development with FOXvisor is supported by a comprehensive starter kit: A FOXvisor virtualization machine integrated on a NXP i.MX6 SABRE AI evaluation board, a Linux NXP BSP or a μITRON eForce μC3 operating system, coming with a 1-day course training, including a Hypervisor overview, and lectures on software/application development on FOXvisor.


Pure software based solutions to protect networked systems are by no means secure. A highly secure and effective alternative is hardware based systems, like bare-metal Hypervisors. Recognized as the world’s best performance Hypervisor by the major CPU core IP vendors, FOXvisor is the world’s fastest, lightest, quickest to port virtualization system, with multiple use-cases in the automotive environment. It supports real time implementations like start-up applications, real-time and failure critical systems, and protects safety relevant systems from malware attacks. FOXvisor offers a complete design environment, and respective support.


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Joachim Hüggenberg acts as European Sales Director for ViMOS Technologies GmbH, from the company’s start in October 2016. Before he filled various positions in semiconductor marketing and sales at LSI Logic, Motorola, DSP Group and Agere Systems, followed by the entrepreneurship of his sales, marketing and communication agency alvacon e.K. Contact:

Seltech Corporation Profile

Seltech provides security for IoT devices with its unique virtualization technology and solutions which combine voice/vision recognitions and artificial intelligence for applications. The solutions protect Automotive, Consumer Electronics products and IoT devices from Cyber-attacks. Seltech was founded 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The company is represented in Europe from ViMOS Technologies GmbH, Taufkirchen. Further information is available at .


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