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July 07, 2016 //By Markus Schuster, Smart Testsolutions GmbH
Fuel cell vehicles: Reducing costs means having to use monitoring systems
In discussions about electric mobility the main focus is currently on battery-powered electric cars. Although fuel cell vehicles running on hydrogen actually offer advantages in terms of range and energy supply, the technology involved is still far too expensive at present. The use of less expen-sive materials could help, however extensive testing and continuous monitoring of the fuel cells would then be necessary.

mobile use

The MCM IntelliProbe, the fourth generation of cell voltage monitoring systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, satisfies all the requirements for both stationary and mobile applications. The system is of modular, compact design and features outstanding electric strength. It operates reliably even at high temperatures as well as being highly versatile. Measurements can be taken in the ranges from -1 to +5 V or from -3 to +3 V for example. This makes the MCM IntelliProbe system, which is already in use at numerous renowned car manufacturers working on fuel cell research and development around the world, an attractive technology for applications in other branches of industry as well, such as for battery cell quality control in lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing.

About the author: Dr. Markus Schuster is Business Development Manager New Energy Electronics at SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH

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