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December 05, 2018 //By Tomaso Grossi, TomTom, and Christian Hering, Elektrobit
High-definition maps take automation of driving to the next level
In automated driving, vehicles need to anticipate the road beyond the range of their basic sensors. Digital high-precision maps provide such information in great detail. However, to make these data available for the auto-driving systems, it takes the right software.

A comprehensive approach for predictive driving

An electronic horizon realized with EB robinos Predictor and based on TomTom’s AutoStream and HD maps enables an autonomous vehicle to plan a predictive driving strategy. By matching the map data from the cloud to the environment data provided by on-board sensors, the system can improve its localization and its perception of the surroundings. This comprehensive information is critical to localization, perception and path planning, which ensures that the respective automated driving function can work sufficiently

Overall, an integrated solution combining HD maps and horizon software paves the way for vehicles to see beyond their sensors and enables a safe, comfortable and fuel-efficient automated driving experience.

About the authors:

Tomaso Grossi is Product Marketing Manager, Autonomous Driving at TomTom.

Christian Hering is Product Manager EB robinos at Elektrobit Automotive.


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