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October 12, 2016 //By Takashi Akiba, ON Semiconductor
How automotive applications benefit from advanced MOSFET packaging
As vehicles become more automated, electronic systems are becoming more prevalent and are no longer just found in luxury vehicles. Automotive is a challenging application area - safety is paramount, yet the working environment is harsh, space is at a premium and the approvals regime is strict. Reputations are built upon the correct selection and deployment of electronic components.

Figure 3: Thermal benchmark testing
clearly demonstrated the benefits of the ATPAK design.


These results clearly show that the new clip-bonding technique used in the ATPAK delivers improved thermal performance. Furthermore, the ATPAK's ability to dissipate heat better than the DPAK - despite 35% less volume - results in a 6.2℃ lower junction temperature and greater reliability.

With the low levels of R DSON available in ON Semiconductor's ATPAK MOSFETs a number of automotive applications can be transformed. Take, for example, a simple reverse protection circuit, which is normally facilitated with a diode.

Figure 4: Comparison of a reverse protection circuit
using a diodes or MOSFETs

With the diode arrangement, even at relatively low currents, the power dissipated in the diode can be significant - around 2.4W at 3A load current. Not only is this expensive in terms of power loss, but will also require a heatsink that takes up precious space and increases the BOM cost.

Using a P-channel MOSFET in a SOT23 package does show some improvement, especially at low values of load current, although at 3A the power losses are broadly comparable to the diode solution.

With the lower R DSON in an ATPAK MOSFET there is a substantial improvement with power losses less than one-tenth of that of a diode (or SOT23 MOSFET) at a 3A load current. Not only is the ATPAK MOSFET smaller in itself, its ultra-efficient performance saves the cost and space required to add a heatsink.

Within ON Semiconductor's wide range of MOSFETs, the automotive ATPAK MOSFET solutions offer a full suite of products for a variety of automotive applications. The future will see the introduction of new N- and P-Channel devices with the ability to handle currents up to 120A (I D Max) and sub-5 milli-Ohm values for R DSON that allow for high-efficiency operation in demanding applications. All current and future devices are Pb-Free / RoHS-Compliant, Halide-Free and also

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