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August 25, 2016 //By Johann Stelzer, Microchip
Implementing MOSTCO's Roadmap
Despite the media hype about Ethernet in the car, the MOST technology is still far more established in the infotainment domain than any other networking technology. The current roadmap, introduced at this year’s MOST Forum has been enhanced; additional waypoints and goals have been added to the roadmap. This article addresses the most significant aspects of these goals, the status and the outlook from Microchip’s perspective.
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Microchip Technology is fully committed to support the agenda of the MOST Cooperation. Various initiatives have been presented in this article.  Significant progress has been made. Transferring current MOST specifications to ISO standard could be a major next step and is a recognition of MOST Cooperation’s work over the past years in making MOST Technology a global and open standard. The current objectives of MOST Cooperation are important measures for MOST Technology to maintain its long-term market leadership in high-speed in-vehicle networking and enabling its customers to develop innovative, cost-competitive solutions. As the requirements for high speed networking continue to change, Microchip is prepared to adapt to these challenges and opportunities and to solve them. Microchip looks forward to working with the MOST community as they move into the future.


About the author: Johann Stelzer is a Senior Marketing Manager with Microchip Technology. He started in Microchip Technology’s Automotive Product Group in 2000 and joined Microchip’s Automotive Information System Division in 2013.


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