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October 25, 2017 // By Robert Kraus, Inova Semiconductors
ISELED – The LED goes Digital
At last November's electronica International Trade Fair in Munich, the ISELED Alliance unveiled a game-changing “digital LED” that delivers consistent colors and brightness without complex binning or recalibration. This entirely new concept utilizes a tiny controller chip embedded in the LED package to control and address three RGB LEDs; for the first time enabling highly sophisticated lighting effects with several hundred LEDs – a technological advance that is by no means limited to just in-car lighting.

Despite this seemingly low data rate, it is theoretically possible to accommodate up to 4,096 LEDs. The control commands are virtually present quasi-simultaneously at each RGB module, which forwards the data stream to the next module in the chain, with a delay of only 2 clock cycles, i.e. ~ 1 µs. It is thus possible to address all RGB LEDs in video speed and to use these as individual pixels on large LED screens or displays with 24 (3*8) bit resolution. It is, of course, no coincidence that the maximum of 4,096 LEDs per line is equivalent to the horizontal resolution of the UHD (Ultra High Definition) format. The possible applications of this innovative LED concept can thus go far beyond the vehicle; in fact, interest has already been forthcoming from many diverse areas, ranging from facade illumination and aircraft cabins through to passenger trains and cruise liners.

The ISELED Alliance.

Inova’s goal behind the launch of ISELED was more than just to create an innovative LED concept. In the fall of 2016, the ISELED Alliance was established with the founding members: Dominant Opto Technologies (LED manufacturer), NXP (system controllers), TE Connectivity (connectivity), Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences (optical measuring systems) and, of course, Inova Semiconductor to offer customers an all-inclusive system solution with compatible hardware components and corresponding software. This software includes a matching driver for the NXP controller; and ISELED now comes with the first user software designed by LucieLabs, a French IoT start-up and a member of the alliance since March. The software allows for the design of individual light scenarios and the convenient control of these via a smartphone. In August, French automotive supplier Valeo also joined the alliance. With its strong focus on in-car LED lighting, it will contribute to the Alliance important aspects from the user’s perspective.

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