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July 28, 2016 //By Yury Asheshov, K2L
Model-Driven Engineering of Infotainment Networks
A vehicle’s infotainment system is a distributed embedded system, which contains hardware and software components, interacting through networks. The networking supports the infotainment system’s extensibility and flexibility.
the corresponding streams will be protected using digital rights management (DRM) technologies, such as DTCP or HDCP.

The node, which sends the data, is a source UML element of the CommunicationPath connector, and the node, which receives the data, is the destination object of the same connector. For example, “Head Unit” is the source of the Main Stream, and “Amplifier” is its sink in the diagam below.

Figure 2 Connection Management Diagram.
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The MOST-specific connection management model defines the stereotypes according to the types of the MOST streams: Synchronous, MDP, MEP, QoS IP, Audio/Video Packetized (A/V Packetized) and DFI. The block width in bytes for each of the MOST-specific streams must be specified.

The transformation from the PIM of an infotainment network to the PSM of the MOST network creates a new UML element for each stream of the PIM. That element represents the MOST-specific stream with the block width calculated from bitrate for Audio, Video and Data stereotypes or from the number of channels and the sample size for Synchronous Audio stereotype. The original streams’ connectors must be cloned for the MOST stream. Furthermore, the implementation connector may be used to depict the link between the MOST stream and the stream of the PIM, as shown on the Connection Management Diagram.

A MOST topology diagram may be used to specify the MOST network type and the topology of the MOST network. It depicts the physical topology of the MOST network and shows the nodes and the layout of the connections: ring, daisy chain, etc. This diagram can be very helpful by specifying the type of the port (USB, MLB etc.) chosen to connect the microcontroller (EHC) and INIC. This information may affect the generation of the configuration file if MLB is used.

The specification of the connection management in the form of the UML model can be used to generate source code or

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