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June 30, 2016 // By Mauricio Esguerra, Magment UG
Magment is a new material, ideal to build large inductors. In contrast to metallic materials it is not manufactured with layered sheets; instead it is poured like concrete. This enables cost-efficient production, in particular in projects like charging during driving where the inductors are integrated into the road with charging power levels up to 100 kW. The efficiency depends widely on the size of the air gap, but in general it is better than with conventional materials.
superiority of the product as such, there are other extraordinary aspects pertaining production and logistics. We have devised our production to have all inductor manufacturing processes under one roof. This allows to have short lead times and simplified stock holding of base materials allowing the quickest possible turnaround time from design-in to shipping. This contributes to keeping overall costs low, guaranteeing that MAGMENT magnetics are by far the most economical alternative of a power inductive components.

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Mauricio Esguerra is Managing Director of Magment UG, Unterhaching, Germany.

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