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September 21, 2018 //By Anritsu EMEA
Testing challenges for V2X Devices
This article explores the status of intelligent transport systems standardisation worldwide, with a special focus on the different testing categories and solutions for wireless access in vehicular environments.

Interoperability and field testing

Interoperability events aim to provide essential feedback to technical committees to help improve the standards and to accelerate the standards-making process, and several events are organised every year in the different regions. These events also enable engineers to get together to test the interoperability of their implementations: a process which can reduce a product’s time-to-market. In addition to interoperability, each commercial device has used a high number of hours of field testing to guarantee that its performance is not affected when the device is taken out of the laboratory or computer simulations, and put into real operation mode involving uncontrollable external factors.

One issue that engineers face in test events or during field testing is the need to record and replicate field situations in the laboratory. A capture and replay system such as that available in the Anritsu MS2830A and MS269xA Signal Analyser series can be used to capture, store and replay data in the laboratory or in the field in a single-box solution. Furthermore, using the Anritsu V2X message viewer, the captured data can be analysed and debugged packet by packet (Fig.2).

Fig.2. Anritsu MS2830A/MS269xA capture and replay system

Conformance and regulatory testing

V2X devices are designed to communicate with other elements of the road, with other wireless devices coexisting in the same or adjacent spectrum, and most importantly with each other. Device manufacturers therefore need to agreed and conform to a standard set of standards and regulations.

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