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September 21, 2018 //By Anritsu EMEA
Testing challenges for V2X Devices
This article explores the status of intelligent transport systems standardisation worldwide, with a special focus on the different testing categories and solutions for wireless access in vehicular environments.

In Europe and the US, the protocol stacks have the same common blocks or functionality, but have completely different implementation (Fig.3).

Fig.3. ETSI ITS-G5 and IEEE WAVE–DSRC protocol stacks

The main characteristic of conformance test systems is their complexity, but these systems are constantly being updated as the technology evolves. One future use case could be cellular V2X. Under these circumstances, a test solution that does not rely on commercial “golden radio” solutions for the access layers offers benefits as standards are updated or move towards a different radio access technology.

Fig.4. The Anritsu V2X RF Conformance Test Suite is built
on the MS2830A and MS269xA Signal Analyser Series and
supports all RF transmitter and receiver test cases
for US, Europe and Japan regulations

Production testing

As a manufacturer ramps up to maximum production capacity, fast, reliable and cost-effective test equipment become highly valuable. The Anritsu MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set makes use of a special operation mode for rapidly testing devices in production lines, the so-called non-signalling mode or test mode. The MT8870A is a modular, flexible and multi-standard platform for RF testing. The modular design cuts down extra costs while at the same time reducing its footprint in production.

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