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June 09, 2016 //By Jörg Angstenberger and Frederic Garraud, Ruetz System Solutions
Testing the MOST150 Coax Physical Layer
New challenges and demands for Physical Layer Testing occur with the introduction of an additional Physical Layer for MOST150, based on 50 Ohm coax connections for simplex and duplex transmission.
oscilloscope and PhLSTT. For duplex, an additional Noise Adder element is implemented to simulate the worst case noise that can be created by the return loss of coax interconnect and tested device. The noise adder can be supplied by an external signal generator connected to Input Noise In. An additional trigger output and a bypass function for the directional coupler enables start up and shutdown testing.

Automation of MOST150 cPHY Test Setup

The internal microcontroller regulates all functions of the MOST Tester Cable, which can be accessed by a serial interface. A documented application-programming interface is provided. A fully automated solution, which controls the complete MOST150 limited cPHY test setup, will be available, consisting of the Physical Layer Stress Test Tool (PhLSTT), the MOST Tester Cable Model (MTCM), a power supply and an optional temperature chamber.

The MOST Tester Cable Model provides a highly integrated solution to implement an MOST150 limited cPHY Test Setup. All requirements specified in the MOST150 cPHY Compliance Verification Procedure [2] can be met. MTCM allows easy migration to a MOST150 limited cPHY test setup for those already using an existing MOST150 limited oPHY test setup with a Physical Layer Stress Test Tool.


  1. MOST150 oPHY Compliance Verification Procedure Revision 1.1-00 from 07/2010
  2. MOST150 cPHY Compliance Verification Procedure Revision 1.0-00 from 11/2015
  3. MOST150 Tester Cable Model Revision 1.0 from 07/2015

About the Authors:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jörg Angstenberger is Head of Test Laboratory and Technology Assessment of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. He has been assessing and improving the functionality and reliability of devices in the area of automotive electronics for more than 15 years.

Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Frederic Garraud is a Test Engineer at RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. He is responsible for advanced development of MOST Network System.




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