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August 02, 2016 //By Mathias Bräuer
What the 40nm node means for the instrument cluster
The 40nm node could enable makers of low- to mid-range vehicles to radically upgrade the traditional instrument cluster. Here's why and how.
support for popular graphics development tools including CGI Studio and Altia Design.

The availability of multiple variants of the Traveo MCU platform allows manufacturers to easily modify a base cluster design to address the specifications for lower- or higher-end models, while using a single set of development tools.

As a result, manufacturers of low-end and mid-range vehicles have the opportunity now to close the very wide gap between the consumer appeal of old-style clusters and the sleek, attractive operation of an Audi TT-style cluster, at only a small BoM cost premium above that of the old-style instrument cluster.

Readers who wish to explore the Traveo MCUs in more detail might be interested in Cypress’s Application Note AN203898, ‘Getting started with the Traveo family S6J3300 series MCUs’, available at  www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an203898-getting-started-traveo-family-s6j3300-series-mcus

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