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January 04, 2019 //By Zohar Fox, Aurora Labs
What autonomous driving can learn from trains and planes
As passengers in airplanes and trains, very few of us think that their safety depends on the smooth functioning of complex software-controlled systems. But most people are reluctant to leave the steering wheel in the car to a computer. The article examines what needs to be done to eliminate these fears.

With this solution, car manufacturers and OEMs can guarantee the safety and quality that consumers expect. In addition, recalls and workshop visits are avoided as the software health solution detects problems in advance and repairs them even while the car is on the road. Enabling greater transparency, this will contribute to building public trust in autonomous driving. Widespread acceptance of self-driving cars will come when the industry adopts the robust backups, regulations, and oversight that are taken for granted in other transportation sectors.

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Zohar Fox is co-founder and CEO of Aurora Labs. He founded the company together with Ori Lederman in 2016 in Tel Aviv. Zohar Fox can look back at a 20-year leadership career in technology, product and sales of IoT, automotive, and banking systems.

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