200°C automotive grade silicon capacitors come in die size

200°C automotive grade silicon capacitors come in die size

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3D silicon passive components integrator IPDiA has developed a new range of capacitors called ATSC dedicated to 'under the hood' applications.
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The ATSC range meets the demand of automotive sensor manufacturers who are looking for long life components with performance preserved when exposed to harsh conditions. The devices feature an operating temperature range of -55°C to +200 °C and enable a size reduction by a factor of 10 compared with traditional technologies.
These SiCaps are available in 0202, 0505 and 0605 case sizes with respectively 1nF, 47nF and 100nF capacitance. They yield an electrical breakdown voltage of 30V and very low leakage current (<0.5 nA at the working voltage and room temperature).

They also show low loss factors (equivalent series resistance ESR <100 mW and equivalent series inductance ESL <250 pH). The ATS capacitors have been developed with a rated voltage of 16V, in order to meet automotive voltage rating requirements, specified at a minimum value of 14V, and have been qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council requirements AEC-Q100.

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