3D sound automotive alerts enable immersive driver awareness

3D sound automotive alerts enable immersive driver awareness

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Having filed a patent for sound spatialization back in 1998, French company Arkamys is a provider of audio processing solutions for the automotive and telephony industries, with algorithms developed to provide immersive user experiences with true 3D sound effects.
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At CES Unveiled Paris, the company showcased its 3D sound alerts system, replacing your typically flat bip sounds with spatialized sounds that naturally indicate the position and distance of potential obstacles around the vehicle.
The company says these 360º sound alerts increases the driver’s reactivity since there is no guessing left about where the obstacle or danger comes from, reducing the cognitive load and improving overall user experience.

The 3D sound alerts are spatialized by the car’s speakers in real time, they include anti-collision warnings, line departure, indicators or even welcoming sounds. They add up to the company’s sound effects for general car audio and infotainment systems, including cabin noise reduction.

Visit Arkamys at www.arkamys.com

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