Airbiquity integrates Kaspersky platform for secure OTA updates

Airbiquity integrates Kaspersky platform for secure OTA updates
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Smart vehicles: Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform integration with Airbiquity OTAmatic enables secure over-the-air updates.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Kaspersky has integrated its SDK for intelligent vehicle applications into the Airbiquity OTAmatic over-the-air (OTA) software management platform. This enables electronic control unit (ECU) application developers based on the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform to remotely manage the secure delivery of software updates for their applications.

OTA technology enables centralised orchestration and automation of software updates and settings for electronic control units in smart, connected vehicles. With the growing number of such vehicles, the demand for OTA updates is increasing on the one hand and the security requirements for OTA on the other. In March 2021, the UNECE published the safety regulation UN R156, which regulates software updates and their management systems, among other things; it will be mandatory for all new vehicles from 2024.

The integration of the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform with Airbiquity OTAmatic meets the customer’s need to plan and execute OTA updates with confidence that the technologies used are safe and secure.

Airbiquity OTAmatic provides Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform customers with a comprehensive software management platform for software update campaigns with specific device targeting and discrete policy and privacy controls. Software update management is enabled for applications in various smart car ECUs where Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform SDK can be used. These include telecommunication (Telematics Control Units (TCUs)), vehicle-to-anything communication (V2X), as well as advanced driver assistance and autopilot systems (ADAS/HAD) and digital cockpits.

The security of software updates is ensured by Uptane’s Airbiquity OTAmatic implementation, which was developed specifically for the automotive market. The Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform contributes to OTA security with Kaspersky’s multi-layered security approach and KasperskyOS secure-by-design at its core. This ensures strict separation between system components and the communication control between them, so that a failure or intentional malfunction will not affect the application.

More information on the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform is available at

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