Analyst sees strong market potential for passive entry and start systems

Analyst sees strong market potential for passive entry and start systems

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Manufacturers of Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) and passive keyless start systems can expect an enormous growth for almost the entire decade. Market research company Strategy Analytics predicts the market volume to more than double.
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According to Strategy Analytics, the market volume for PKE and passive keyless start systems (labeled by some tier ones as Passive Start and Entry systems, PASE) will more than double within the next seven years. In 2018, the market will sport a volume of more than 25 million units, predicts Kevin Mak, analyst in the Automotive Electronics Service at Strategy Analytics.

In its current report, titled "More Models Featuring Passive Entry and Start: A Potential for Increased Demand", the market researcher lists more than 400 vehicle models with PKE on board. “Passive entry and start system offerings abound", Mak said, "This includes Chinese cars, like the Brilliance 530, the BYD F3 and the Zotye Z200HB. Even Chrysler and Kia, newcomers to this market, offer passive systems. Japanese auto makers expanded their PKE market to cars made in the US and Europe. And BMW offers the simpler Passive Go system as standard on its 2012 1-Series.”

The expert however cautions against expectations for widespread PKE adoption. “Cost and usability will remain barriers to widespread adoption. Despite the strong growth rate, PKE technology will not overtake conventional remote-controlled systems, even by 2018.”


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