Automotive audio software platform serves demanding listeners

Automotive audio software platform serves demanding listeners
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Upgraded Dirac Virtuo solution includes Dirac’s Upmixer technology, Intelligent Audio Platform, and multichannel content support.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


At the AES Automotive Audio Conference in Detroit, the Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac has introduced an updated version of its Dirac Virtuo automotive audio solution to further elevate immersive automotive audio performance.

The solution leverages what the company claims to be the industry’s most sophisticated audio algorithm to envelope drivers and passengers in high-quality, immersive sound. With the updated version carmakers can consistently and flexibly equip their vehicles with immersive sound based on stereo content. Furthermore, with the new multichannel content support, the solution ensures the faithful reproduction of this content, which is a lofty task due to the challenging acoustic environment of a car cabin.

“Today’s vehicles serve a much greater purpose than simply transporting occupants from place-to-place; they’re remote offices, home theaters, and entertainment centers, all of which rely on high-quality, immersive sound,” says Lars Carlsson, Head of Business Development, Automotive, at Dirac.

Dirac’s technology transforms any stereo content into flexible, customizable immersive listening experiences, free from artifacts and – most important – without requiring any hardware upgrades. Unlike similar upmixing solutions, which create audible distortions and artifacts that were not part of the original stereo recording, Dirac’s technology employs new patent-pending algorithms to minimize such effects, so the results sound accurate, natural, and immersive.

 Furthermore, Dirac’s Intelligent Audio Platform should be seen as an evolving software platform upon which all Dirac solutions are built and integrated with shared infrastructure and components using a streamlined workflow. It includes tools and software for both audio optimization and audio development, and Dirac’s patented audio optimization algorithms are integrated into easy-to-use filter design tools.

As a modular, scalable, and customizable platform, it allows manufacturers to develop, optimize, and integrate their audio experiences with high reproducibility and efficiency. It is fully data-driven, 70% of the audio development and optimization work can be done virtually, and all results can be shared globally throughout an organization. Moreover, the Intelligent Audio Platform is supported by the industry’s most common chipsets and frameworks.

In addition, the Dirac Virtuo automotive solution also includes cabin sound optimization with advanced sound field control technology, which achieves better speaker performance and minimizes cabin colorations; target sound management, which achieves signature sound with greater consistency and ease; and center image optimization, which enables a stable phantom center for each listener with improved staging and localization.

The system is currently used by renown automotive brands such as Rolls Royce, Volvo, Polestar, BMW, and BYD, amongst others, the company says.



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