Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans

Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans

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At the third Autosar congress, automotive vendors provided insights into the maturity status of the software system. In the half decade ahead, the market penetration for the automotive standard software environment is poised to skyrocket.
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At the meeting, core members for the first time provided insights to their roll-out plans. According to presentations held at the conference, among the OEMs BMW and Volkswagen seem to be the vanguard of the Autosar revolution, accompanies in parts by PSA Peugeot Citroen and Toyota. GM and Ford are trailing the field. For complete car architectures and product lines, BMW and Mini will be the first to start production in 2011. Daimler has committed itself for Start of Production (SOP) in 2013, followed by Volkswagen in 2014 and GM in 2016. Specific domains however will go to production start earlier: BMW and PSA have already some Autosar domains in volume production; Ford announced to follow in 2014 and GM in 2015. Mandated for new platforms is Autosar already now at PSA as well as Volkswagen. However, the latter has such a commitment only for FlexRay ECUs. BMW plans follow in 2012, Daimler in 2013 and GM in 2016.

With Autosar release 4.0 already on underway, release 3.x will dominate the market for the time span between 2013 and 2016. Source: Autosar. For better resolution, click here.

The volume of ECUs running Autosar software will literally explode over the five years to come. For 2011, the Autosar consortium estimates the production of such ECUs to about 25.000 units – in 2016 the group expects some more than 220.000 units across all Autosar versions. While currently and until 2012 version 2.x prevails, in the following years, version 3.x will become the dominating version. Release 4.x will contribute significant volumes beginning 2015.

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