Autotalks switches to higher gear in V2X chip market

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The closing of the funding round came after the US Department of Transport had announced that it plans to make V2V mandatory for new light vehicles in the United States from 2023 onwards. To meet this target, deployments are expected to start in 2019. According to an Autotalks spokesperson, also the European Union is preparing legislative measures on the mandatory equipment of new vehicles with V2X capabilities. “We do see the effect of the US mandate on other countries as well”, the spokesperson said. Likewise, other countries are also adapting the technology; the Autotalks spokesperson named Japan and Korea in the first place.

Autotalks claims to be the world leader in V2X chipsets. Along with its manufacturing partner STMicroelectronics, Autotalks has already ramped up its production capabilities. Among its customers is automotive tier one supplier Denso which in turn sells the V2X communications units to a broad range of carmakers. The chipmaker sees a growing interest from tier ones and carmakers for the V2X technology as a means to establish cooperative connected mobility models. “We see some major car manufacturers adding V2X to their models sold in Europe”, the spokesperson said, declining however to name these carmakers.

The company is currently selling its second generation chipset which offers high security with multiple defense layers, including secure boot, secure low-latency signing, line-rate verification of the entire V2C communication link and a firewall mechanism to harden the communication. In addition, the systems support field upgradeability through a cryptographic secure engine.

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