Blockset upgrades prototyping system to Autosar platform

Blockset upgrades prototyping system to Autosar platform

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Embedded tool vendor dSpace has released an RTI Autosar Blockset that effectively upgrades the company’s MicroAutoBox II compact prototyping system to a universal real-time development and validation platform for Autosar software.
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With the new Blockset, engineers can combine control algorithms designed in Matlab/Simulink together with individual Autosar application software components running on MicroAutoBox during development phases. For the first time, engineers can also import the complete Autosar application software packaged together with the operating system (OS) as a virtual ECU (V-ECU) and execute it on MicroAutoBox II for validation.

 V-ECUs can be generated using dSpace’s system architecture tool SystemDesk. Using the RTI Autosar Blockset, these V-ECUs can be executed on MicroAutoBox II for tasks such as software development, rapid control prototyping, benchmarking and testing, well ahead of the availability of first prototypes of the respective production ECU.

MicroAutoBox II supports both versions 3.x and 4.x of Autosar software and complies with the Autosar OS conformance class 1. The RTI Autosar Blockset eases the transfer the V-ECUs, the operating system, and the basic software configurations onto the MicroAutoBox II. dSpace RTI Blocksets and the comprehensive model-based development environment of MicroAutoBox II provide a convenient environment for engineers to experiment with various I/O configurations, in comparison to the basic ECU software tools available with production ECU targets.

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