Bosch develops automatic emergency call for motorcycles

Bosch develops automatic emergency call for motorcycles
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The risk of being killed in a crash is still up to 20 times higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers. With Help Connect, Bosch has therefore developed a networked emergency call system for motorized two-wheelers. It detects accidents using an intelligent crash algorithm in the vehicle's inertial sensor unit. Using a connected smartphone app, the system transmits information on the accident location and driver to the rescue services via the Bosch Service Center, making it easier to locate the accident victim.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Help Connect uses the inertial sensor unit of the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control MSC. This sensor installed in the vehicle measures acceleration and angular velocity 100 times per second. The sensor can thus calculate the movement and lean angle of the motorcycle. Thanks to the integrated crash algorithm, the sensor also automatically detects whether the motorcycle is involved in an accident, or whether it simply falls over due to an accident while parking. A separate control unit is not required, which facilitates integration into the vehicle. The connection to the Bosch Vivatar emergency app is then established via Bluetooth.

Other smartphone apps – from motorcycle manufacturers, for example – can also be integrated into the emergency call solution. In addition to location information, Help Connect also transmits health data stored by the driver to the Bosch Service Center. This data can be vital for the rescue. If desired, personal emergency contacts can also be informed automatically.

As a first step, the emergency call service is available for customers from Germany. Users can also communicate with the Bosch Service Center in German or English in other European countries. If a driver does not respond due to a serious accident, the rescue services are immediately directed to the scene of the accident. Since the smartphone is usually always carried relatively well protected on the body, motorcyclists who have been involved in an accident can be located quickly even if they were separated from the vehicle in the crash.

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