Bosch optimizes ABS for all-terrain motorbikes

Bosch optimizes ABS for all-terrain motorbikes
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More intelligence on the motorbike - this is not an appeal to the drivers but an offer from technology provider Bosch: The company has introduced a new generation of its motorbike ABS systems which enables motorbike manufactures to offer additional safety features.
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Dynamic off-road driving brings antilock brakes rather fast to its limits. Sand or gravel tracks reduce the grip of all brake system optimized for asphalt road. The behaviour of standard ABS systems takes the fun out of driving at the limits of a bike. For this reason, Bosch has developed a control algorithm which is optimized for off-road driving and tuned to loose surfaces. This control system can be easily integrated into the versions ABS plus and ABS enhanced of Bosch’s new generation nine antilock brakes..

To optimize the system for off-road driving, Bosch engineers have adapted the slip threshold and other parameters. Thus, drivers achieve maximum brake efficiency even in the terrain. The fine-tuning makes the system to intervene later; it allows more slip between tires and riding surface than an ABS designed for road use. The rear wheel can dig in to the track surface, improving braking performance on rough terrain. The front-wheel control allows stronger deceleration, without negative effect on vehicle stability. Motorcycle manufacturers can adapt the off-road control to allow riders to deliberately block the rear wheel and perform the typical maneuvers seen in off-road racing, such as drifting or pulling the rear wheel around in tight corners.

If the motorcycle manufacturer adds Bosch’s new lean-angle sensor to the system, the traction control will also control the maximum permissible drive power in bends. If this sensor is installed, the safety system checks the machine’s dynamic state 100 times a second and computes the tilting and lean angle as well as vertical acceleration. The traction control can even be adapted to motocross machines for dirt racing.

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