Code analysis tool improves software quality

Code analysis tool improves software quality

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Hitex Development Tools has taken Goanna into its distribution program. Goanna is a tool for advanced static code analysis of programs written in C/C++.
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Goanna employs methods such as model checking, inter-procedural analysis and abstract data value tracking to detect bugs and errors in the software. The tool is able to find memory leaks, buffer overflows, illegal memory overwrites, and many more. The analysis can be performed across file boundaries.

Since the tool is easy to install, users can start to assess and, if necessary, improve the quality of any given software just minutes after installing.

The tool is available in two versions: Goanna Central is based on command line input while Goanna Studio can be used in connection with IDEs such as VisualStudio and Eclipse/CDT. The software runs under Windows and Linux. It is available with a computer-bound license or with a floating license.

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