Compact LED driver stabilizes exterior lighting in cold-crank situations

Compact LED driver stabilizes exterior lighting in cold-crank situations

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Semiconductor company Rohm offers a single channel constant current LED driver for driving LEDs in automotive applications such as tail lights, turn signals, fog lights, tail lights or daytime running lights.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The ultra-compact BD18336NUF-M is suitable for use in LED lamp modules. It offers a high degree of reliability, safety and flexibility for the thermal management of LEDs. With the IC, ROHM intends to meet the market trend towards miniaturization without compromising safety features and performance.

The monolithic design of the device ensures stable illumination even if the battery voltage drops to 9 V. The configurable current bypass function prevents the LEDs from switching off and ensures that a minimum brightness level is always maintained. This contributes to increased traffic safety. The extremely small housing with dimensions of 3.00 mm² reduces the mounting area by 30 percent compared to conventional solutions with external components, while maintaining the high output current of 600 mA.

The heat generated by the LEDs is suppressed by an integrated derating of the current. The thermally adjustable output current limits the heat generated by the LEDs, thereby extending their service life. The LED driver is suitable for white, red and yellow LEDs.

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