Connectivity platform for commercial vehicles can be adapted as required

Connectivity platform for commercial vehicles can be adapted as required

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With the NG800 Automotive IoT Gateway, NetModule supports the advancing introduction of telematics in vehicles, especially commercial vehicles. It provides the necessary robust communication between on-board electronics and cloud applications such as e-mobility monitoring, fleet management support and diagnostic tasks.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


A modular concept of software, electronics and mechanical components enables customer-specific target applications. This flexible approach allows a wide variety of product variants at a moderate investment, even if only small quantities are to be produced.

One area of application for the NetModule NG800 is municipal vehicles such as for waste collection, winter services, street cleaning and irrigation. For waste collection, for example, the route driven, the stops made, the number and weight of the respective waste bins and more can be recorded and transferred to the control centre for evaluation or stored for later access. In the case of snow ploughs, it is possible to record, among other things, when which vehicle drove which route, how much snow was cleared, how much grit (salt, grit) was distributed per kilometre and where there were critical points. Regardless of the area of application, local authorities benefit from the collected data in order to make their administration more efficient and thus optimise the effort involved.

A key role in all applications is played by wireless communication and the transfer of the collected on-board data to another network – the NG800 platform integrates an LTE Cat 4 modem, WiFi 802.11 abn, GNSS with Dead Reckoning and BlueTooth low Energy (BLE). Via a Molex CMC 48Pin connector, wired interfaces such as CAN, RS232, Automotive Ethernet or Fast Ethernet can be connected. For the rough application area, e.g. on the outside of vehicles, NetModule has equipped the multifunctional IoT-Gateway with an IP65-classified outdoor housing as standard, as an option in IP69k version.

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