Continental shrinks motorbike ABS

Continental shrinks motorbike ABS
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Half the size of the predecessor model has the new two-channel antilock braking systems for motorbikes from Continental AG. The new MK 100 MAB is also lighter and cheaper than the former model. Continental will introduce the ABS system to the public at the EICMA motorbike exhibition in Milan, Italy from November 7 to 11.
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The MK 100 MAB features more robust electronic functions and can be adapted more easily to different motorbike types, Continental said. Besides the ABS function, the standard version includes Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection (RLP). According to customer requirements, additional functions are available. The spectrum includes ABS functions optimized for racing or off-road driving and traction control which minimizes slippage during acceleration.

According to Continental, studies from German motor club ADAC and from safety certification company Dekra have proved that that ABS reduces between 20 and 30 percent of motorbike accidents. Also the European Community regards ABS for motorbikes as safety-relevant: Starting 2016, ABS will become mandatory for all new motorbike designs; from 2017 all new motorbikes must be equipped with this function.

Continental’s two-channel ABS comes with the Motorbike Integrated Brake System (MIB) which decelerates all two wheels even if the driver activates only the front-wheel brake, which effectively amplifies the braking effect.

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