Covisint sketches cornerstones of secure automotive networking

Covisint sketches cornerstones of secure automotive networking

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Against the background of increasingly connected cars, cloud computing provider Covisint which has extensive ties to the automotive industry, has drafted the cornerstones of secure automotive networking. At a congress on automotive networking in Munich, the company said vehicle-related information networks need to be equipped with robust identity and flexible management and support secure communication paths between vehicles, OEMs, dealers, and users.
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In order to benefit from the application potential of internet-enabled vehicles, OEMs need to have a sustainable networking strategy which provides maximum flexibility with regard to security, identity management, and access to cloud services, explained Covisint Vice President Manfred Heisen.

In particular, the company named fife decisive factors for establishing secure vehicle-related networks. These factors include a robust and flexible identity management which does not impose restrictions as to the number and type of cloud-based services. Information flow must be possible in both directions; and the approach used should be entirely cloud based, since a cloud-based information architecture offloads OEMs of the procurement of additional hardware and software to implement their services. In addition, the network must be media-agnostic: It must support any type of internet connection, be it embedded, mobile radio based or a combined solution. And, finally: Since radio interface design, car-related connectivity development and operating large numbers of different point-to-point connections are not a core competency of automakers, OEMs need to partner with cloud computing provides – in particular with such ones that have a reputation for high security.



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