Crypto library meets ASIL-D requirements

Crypto library meets ASIL-D requirements

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With immediate effect, the crypto library CycurLIB from automotive security provider Escrypt can be used in all ASIL-D-classified systems. This enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to integrate the cryptographic library into all safety-relevant vehicle systems up to the highest security level.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) defines the risk classification of systems in the vehicle with regard to their functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262. ASIL D is the highest classification level and the standard for all vehicle systems that are particularly relevant to safety. The latest version of CycurLIB was developed according to ISO 26262 in an ASIL D-compliant process. It is therefore suitable for use in safety-critical systems as a core element of IT security applications.

As a cryptographic library, CycurLIB provides suitable algorithms, formats and encryption protocols for the safety-relevant use cases in the vehicle (e.g. secure flashing and booting of driver assistance systems, steering and braking systems). In addition, CycurLIB is platform-independent and has an AUTOSAR-compatible configuration system. The crypto-library supports the necessary security functions, e.g. signature verification for firmware updates or access via the OBD2 interface, especially in particularly security-relevant areas.

The classification according to ASIL D enables CycurLIB to be used together with security-critical software on the same controller without any interaction and thus without partitioning. The crypto-library can thus be easily integrated into all ASIL D-compliant vehicle systems without any loss of performance, runtime overhead or possible interference with other applications.

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