dSpace, LeddarTech jointly develop lidar simulation solutions

dSpace, LeddarTech jointly develop lidar simulation solutions

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Together with sensor technology company Leddartech, the development tool provider dSpace wants to provide simulation software and models for the development and validation of lidar sensors based on LeddarTech's products. The cooperation also extends to ADAS and AD systems of SAE levels 1 to 5.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


These simulation tools shall enable customers to simulate their own LedderEngine-based lidar sensor designs. Thus, they are not forced to use black box lidar sensor products from third parties.

Simulation solutions support developers to more efficiently investigate different lidar sensor architectures and components in the development of their own optimal lidar design and to validate the performance within specific use cases. Validation includes the physically accurate simulation of the lidar and the vehicle environment, including moving objects such as vehicles and pedestrians, the road and other static objects such as traffic signs and curbs.

“The cooperation between dSpace and LeddarTech will result in improved simulation tools that will greatly facilitate and accelerate the development of optimized lidar sensors,” said Michael Poulin, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development at LeddarTech.

More information: www.dspace.com, https://leddartech.com/

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