dSpace SystemDesk modeling tool optimized for series production

dSpace SystemDesk modeling tool optimized for series production

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Software tool vendor dSpace GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) has introduced version 3.0 of its SystemDesk modeling and simulation tool for Autosar environments. The new version offers better performance, supports more complex projects and has been optimized for series production.
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In order to enable engineers to make use of Autosar technology throughout the entire design process, dSpace has further developed the interaction between SystemDesk and the TargetLink code generator. The tools now can exchange bundles of Autosar files belonging to a software component, including supplementary documentation. The leads to greater transparency, and Autosar round trips can be made with a minimum of user actions, dSpace argues.

In addition, the software now offers the possibility to execute Autosar applications as virtual ECUs on an evaluation board, complementing the existing option of running software-in-the-loop (SiL) simulations. With the new option of virtual verification, it is possible to simulate ECU code on the target hardware early in the design process. With the move, dSpace follows the principle that errors and bugs can be eliminated easier and cheaper if they are detected at the earliest stage possible in the design process.

For more information, visit www.dspace.de

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