EB rolls software architecture for automated driving

EB rolls software architecture for automated driving

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Self-driving cars require specific software. Not the patchwork reflected in the diversity of dozens of ECUs in today’s cars. Software tool vendor Elektrobit (EB) has introduced robinos, a hardware-independent software framework that helps engineers designing highly automated driving functions.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Robinos supports automotive OEMs and suppliers who increasingly are involved into the development of automated driving functions and who need to deal with the growing complexity of driver assistance functions. These systems integrate software as well as hardware components such as sensors, actuators, modules for sensor data fusion and more. Robinos is designed as a comprehensive open platform that speeds up the development and production of highly automated driving systems. In particular, the robinos platform facilitates the collaboration between multiple project participants like OEMs, suppliers, software developers and more. With this approach it helps users saving time, effort and cost, promises Elektrobit.


The platform is based on “Open Robinos”, EBs new open architecture for highly automated driving. The standardized architecture is complemented by pre-coded software modules and a host of driver assistance functions. This integrated approach accelerates and optimizes development of prototyping systems. In addition it makes it possible to design and manage embedded functions for series vehicles.

In addition to the open architecture – which is compatible to a variety of hardware solutions – EB robinos offers solutions for development and embedded prototyping as well as software modules for more than 20 functions. From this broad range of functions, carmakers and suppliers can pick the elements needed for their specific project. Some of these functions are available immediately, others will follow over time.


EB robinos addresses all OEMs and suppliers, regardless of their experience and history with highly automated driving systems. Thanks to open interfaces it can be integrated into existing systems and modules or be used as an independent solution. EB robinos works with Autosar-compatible basis software and runs on many different driver assistance hardware platforms currently in use from advanced development to series production.


Further information: www.eb-robinos.com

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