Gesture-control explored at Jaguar Land Rover, with Mid-Air Touch

Gesture-control explored at Jaguar Land Rover, with Mid-Air Touch

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Ultrahaptics (Bristol, UK), developer of ultrasonic free-space haptic technology, has announced that it is supporting Jaguar Land Rover in the investigation of a mid-air touch system for its Predictive Infotainment Screen.
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With the up-take of touch screens in cars, the temptation for the driver to take their eyes off the road increases. Ultrahaptics has developed a technology that uses ultrasound to create feeling in mid-air, known as haptic feedback.

Using the Ultrahaptics solution, the driver’s hand can be located and tracked as it is moves across the interactive field; the system locks on and creates a physical sensation to indicate connection. The user can feel virtual objects and control switches and buttons, giving the ability to control them in mid-air and receive feedback to confirm their action has been successfully completed.

Steve Cliffe (CEO of Ultrahaptics) said: “We are enormously proud to have been chosen to support this safety critical technology program. Our innovation will be truly disruptive to the way we interface with the technology within our vehicles.”


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