Hella launches company to address Indian two- and three-wheeler market

Hella launches company to address Indian two- and three-wheeler market

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More than any other market in the world, mobility in India is characterised by two- and three- wheelers. They account for over 80% of all vehicles in India. Electric rickshaws in particular have developed strongly in recent years. According to estimates, their number is already over two million and is expected to continue to rise. In order to serve this growth market more specifically, the lighting and electronics specialist Hella has founded the new company Hella eMobionics in India.
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“India is the world’s largest producer of autorickshaws. Together with the other two and three-wheelers, they are one of the main means of transport in India and will play a pioneering role here in the country, especially in view of the continuing electrification of mobility,” says Naveen Gautam, responsible for Hella’s electronics business in India. “By establishing a new subsidiary for our two and three-wheeler business, we can better penetrate this specific market and offer tailor-made technologies. After all, the requirements in this market differ, in part significantly, from our core automotive business”.

In a first step, the newly founded subsidiary will use Hella’s existing production facilities in the country. In the future, it is also conceivable to set up its own production site, the company announced in a press release.

The head of eMobionics is Omkar Kulkarni. In his activities in India, the newly appointed top manager also wants to benefit from the experience of his parent company in the automotive business. Kulkarni has Hellas expertise in the field of power and control electronics as well as its distinct industrialisation know-how in mind. “In our view, both are important unique selling points,” says Kulkarni.

Hella has been active in the market for two and three-wheelers since 2017. The product focus is mainly on Bluetooth-based control units, motors, 48-volt motor controllers and voltage converters. Hella has been represented in India since the end of the 1950s, initially within the framework of joint ventures. Today, Hella employs around 1,600 people in India, around 700 of them in research and development.

More information: https://www.hella.com/hella-com/index.html

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