Integrated HMI solution from Denso and Blackberry in series vehicles

Integrated HMI solution from Denso and Blackberry in series vehicles
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A digital human-machine interface (HMI) developed by automotive supplier Denso together with Blackberry is now going into series production: The cockpit system based on the real-time QNX operating system will be installed in Subaru's new 2020 Legacy and Outback models. These vehicles will be available in the USA from autumn.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The digital cockpit, developed by Blackberry and Denso together with Subaru, utilizes QNX’s virtualization technology to enable integrated control of the vehicle’s internal user interfaces and control systems. Subaru hopes that this solution, the which has been presented for the first time at CES 2018 in a prototype version, will provide a seamless automotive user experience. At the same time, this concept represents a further step towards data-centric, networked vehicles.

Using hypervisor technology and virtualization, the system integrates several HMI systems that in today’s cars are distributed throughout the vehicle. These traditional solutions are based on discrete systems, each with its own operating system. Since these operating systems are controlled independently by several microcontrollers, it was not possible to combine and coordinate them in order to present visual content and sound in a uniform manner. Hypervisor technology makes it possible to map several individual ECUs with different characteristics on a common hardware platform. Each ECU is replicated in software and runs as a task on the computer platform.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, an estimated value of $41.15 billion (CAGR of 13.67% from 2019 to 2026) is expected for the global digital cockpit market of the automotive industry by 2026. The study also reports that the growth of the ADAS market and the increasing demand for electric vehicles is the main factor driving the growth of this market.


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