IPEmotion data acquisition software with enhanced functionality

IPEmotion data acquisition software with enhanced functionality

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Measurement technology expert company Ipetronik GmbH has released version 1.09 of its IPEmotion data acquisition software. The new release offers numerous optimizations as well as enhanced functionality.
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For instance, the software now imports FIBEX XML data through an Ipetronic data logger along with a FlexRay extender. It also supports the FlexRay XCP protocol as well as the FIBEX V3.0 Field Bus Exchange Format. Functions supporting data storage, data import and export, offline analysis and reporting have been greatly enhanced, the company says. In addition, the new version offers a separate status window that monitors storage status.

Users of Ipetronik data loggers such as M-Log or FleetLog now can import entire Testdrive-ZIP files containing measurement data, video and audio data, and traffic data. The file import function now supports Ipemotion .IAD and .IRD, Diadem :DAT and Diadem .TDM and many more new data formats. Online formulas now also can be used offline. A formula parser allows users to create and store formulas for quick reuse in a formula pool. Offline calculations now include enthalpy and entropy computations for chilled circuits as well as visualizing the results in a log p-h diagram. 

In addition, the new version significantly facilitates report generation through IPEmotion. The menu ribbon now contains a dedicated tab sheet for the creation of reports. The measurement data from the analysis working area are directly converted into a report view. On the first page of the reports, all parameter of the project settings are listed. Users also can create individual report templates containing logos, images and similar graphical elements by means of the Layout Designer. Four new field instructions can depict the properties of the project data and the measurement data as well as a time stamp. 

The new version 1.09 also contains an X plug-in for Ethernet-based Mx and Sx STG module implementations. This plug-in supports the automatic TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensor function. Other new functions include VTAB import of A2L and CANdb configuration data. 

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