IR-based sensor recognises hand gestures from a distance

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Compared to previous generations, the MAX25405 from Maxim Integrated Products detects a wider range of motion and doubles the detection range to 40 cm – at a quarter of the size and a tenth of the cost of camera-based Time-of-Flight (ToF) systems. These improvements provide an alternative to voice communication and allow drivers to focus on the road.

In addition to integrated optics and a 6 x 10 infrared sensor array, the new sensor includes a glass lens that increases sensitivity and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. The optimised performance doubles the near and far range of sensor applications beyond the driver, providing gesture-controlled entertainment displays for the front passenger and rear seat passengers, for example. The MAX25405 features a high level of integration compared to competitive ToF solutions that require three chips and a microprocessor. The MAX25405’s small 4 mm x 4 mm x 1.35 mm 20-pin package and four discrete LEDs enable a solution that is up to 75 percent smaller than ToF camera-based solutions.

The MAX25405 recognises nine gestures, including swipe, rotate, air-click, dwell to click and 3 x 2 proximity zones with minimal delay. This, along with its high integration density, makes the chip affordable for versatile automotive, consumer and industrial applications, including touchless smart home hubs, thermostats and more.

The MAX25405 gesture sensor and associated MAX25405EVKIT# evaluation kit are available from the Maxim Integrated website and from contract distributors.


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