LDO regulators enable stable operation at nanoscale output capacitance

LDO regulators enable stable operation at nanoscale output capacitance
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Nano cap technology solves problems with capacitors and ensures greater stability
By Nick Flaherty


Semiconductor manufacturer Rohm introduces new LDO regulator ICs for automotive applications that ensure stable operation at output capacitances in the 100 nF range. The BD9xxN1 series (BD950N1G-C, BD933N1G-C, BD900N1G-C, BD950N1WG-C, BD933N1WG-C, BD900N1WG-C) is optimized for direct 12 V on-board power supply in a wide range of automotive applications, for example in powertrain, body or infotainment.

In recent years, the ongoing digitization of devices has significantly increased the number of electronic components required. Among other things, the number of capacitors required to stabilize supply voltages has skyrocketed. Due to the precarious world market situation – also with regard to passive components – the demand for power supplies that dispense with output capacitors as far as possible or require only very small component values is increasing. Until now, output capacitances for LDOs have typically been in the range of 1 µF to 4.7 µF, with lower values being difficult to achieve for stability reasons.

To meet this demand, Rohm developed ultra-stable Nano Cap technology for voltage regulator ICs in 2020. By applying this technology, chip designers can develop LDO regulators that ensure stable operation even at ultra-low output capacitances in the nanoscale.

The Nano Cap technology supports an output capacitance of 100 nF – less than 1/10 that of standard products – and ensures stable operation (output voltage variation less than 100 mV for load current variations of 50 mA/µs) required by applications even with fluctuating input voltages and load currents.

In addition to standard µF-class MLCCs (multi-layer ceramic capacitors) and large-capacitance electrolytic capacitors, Rohm’s new regulators can operate a very wide range of output capacitances starting at 100 nF in ultra-compact package sizes of 0603/0402. In the past, this was not possible because the circuits were not stable enough. This new option not only helps miniaturize components and boards, but also reduces design requirements by supporting a wider range of capacitor conditions.

The BD9xxN1 series primary LDOs meet automotive product requirements such as operation above 125 °C and qualification to the AEC-Q100 standard for automotive reliability. In addition, the LDOs provide input voltages of more than 40 V for the primary power supply.

The BD9xxN1 series is suitable for a wide range of applications in addition to automotive primary power systems.

In a press release, Rohm said it will expand the LDO regulator series with integrated Nano Cap technology to 22 models with various output voltages and packages by the end of fiscal 2022. In 2023, another 24 models will be added, supporting an output current of 500 mA. Thus, by the end of fiscal 2023, a total of 46 products will be available, covering an even wider range of applications.


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