Lidar pre-processor overcomes raw 3D data complexity

Lidar pre-processor overcomes raw 3D data complexity

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3D spatial intelligence solutions provider Outsight has launched what it says is the first real-time LiDAR software engine that allows application developers and integrators to seamlessly use LiDAR data from any hardware supplier.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Created as a turnkey solution, the Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB) is designed to enable users to leverage 3D spatial intelligence’s unique value while avoiding the complexity of processing 3D data in real time. Being a LiDAR-agnostic solution, says the company, it saves the customer the hassle of assessing and choosing the most appropriate LiDAR for each application, whether for monitoring the flow of people or goods, for mobile robots & vehicles, as well as for integrators of solutions.

In order to provide a seamless integration experience, the Augmented LiDAR software engine is delivered embedded in the ALB, a convenient LiDAR-agnostic plug-and-play edge computing device. The ALB provides a comprehensive set of fundamental features that are commonly required in almost every application, such as localization & mapping, 3D SLAM, object ID & tracking, and segmentation & classification, among others.

Because it only requires an ARM CPU and its AI doesn’t rely on machine learning, says the company, the solution is power efficient and doesn’t need any training or annotation efforts.

“The hardware aspect of LiDAR is becoming a commodity with prices decreasing very quickly together with impressive performance improvements,” Raul Bravo, President and co-founder of Outsight. “However, this new animal in the computer vision landscape remains a complex technology for most customers to use. As it happened every time in modern-day history of technology adoption, we’re convinced that the key condition required for LiDAR to become mainstream is the emergence of enabling software.”

The company says it has leading customers in fields such as smart city, robotics and the automotive industry, and has also established strategic partnerships with LiDARs manufacturers such as Velodyne, Ouster, Hesai and Robosense.


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