Mitsubishi’s ECUs get over-the-air updates

Mitsubishi’s ECUs get over-the-air updates

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Mitsubishi Electric has announced it is integrating Movimento OTA technology into its next-generation head-unit architecture to provide customers with over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities.
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The new architecture, FLEXConnect, helps to accelerate the delivery of infotainment services. Car owners will benefit from a completely personalized entertainment system with continuous updates to the newest systems without ever having to return to the dealer.
This combined technology breaks new ground in bringing software delivery from the cloud to the car in a very secure way, supporting new applications and services to be delivered in real time to vehicles, and eliminating software recalls and associated warranty costs.
Integrating Movimento’s OTA technology shortens software deployment times but also speeds up the roll out of new features or the issuance of security patches throughout the vehicle. According to analyst firm IHS, remote OTA upgrades will save automakers $35 billion by 2022.

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