Next-generation vehicle controls inspired by mobile devices

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Visteon’s consumer research, supported by secondary data, shows that car buyers desire in-vehicle interfaces similar to those on their mobile phones, tablets and music players, the automotive supplier said. Meeting these desires can be challenging for automakers that want to maintain brand identity and deliver a driving experience that is functional and promotes safety. Combining its research findings with its expertise in design and human-machine interaction (HMI), Visteon delivers an interface that is reliable, accurate and highly responsive.

The concept, dubbed Ideal Occupant Interface, has three features that are designed for easy use:

– Hidden Touch Lens: When the vehicle is off, the display is invisible behind the seamless touch-sensitive surface, presenting a clean, sleek look. When the vehicle is powered on, the display is easy to see in all lighting conditions.

– Smart Panel: This feature detects the presence of the user’s finger, but does not activate until a small amount of pressure is applied. It is enhanced with visual and audible feedback and will be expanded to include tactile feedback.

– Multi-Modal HMI: This feature enables standard touch mode and the next advancement in vehicle interfaces – spatial gesture control, which doesn’t require the controls to be physically handled by the user.

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