NOR Flash Solutions Hub simplifies design of safety-critical applications

NOR Flash Solutions Hub simplifies design of safety-critical applications

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To accelerate developments with Infineon's Semper NOR Flash memories, the chip supplier has launched an Internet portal that provides modules for integrating these memory devices into various applications. This will save time for developers of safety-critical systems in automotive, industrial and communication environments.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Semper NOR Flash from Infineon is the first non-volatile memory designed and engineered for functional safety. Recently, Semper Secure was named a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category. Especially for developers of intelligent and autonomous systems used for networked applications, reliability and functional security in the event of a failure are crucial in the implementation of a successful design.

With a broad portfolio of solutions, the Semper NOR Flash Memory, together with the Solutions Hub, is designed to enable developers to effortlessly design for autonomous driving, factory automation and other mission-critical applications, Infineon promises. In doing so, the company aims to address the growing complexity of such systems and satisfy the demand for functional safety and secured systems using industry-standard components.

The Semper Solutions Hub is primarily intended to accelerate the design process. The web portal provides easy access to software development kits (SDKs) containing production-ready drivers and application examples. It also offers hardware kits for prototyping with Infineon and third-party microcontroller system boards (MCU), MCUs and available integrated development environments (IDEs). Supported architectures include Infineon’s PSoC 6 and AURIX TC375, as well as Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano.

As such, the Semper NOR flash devices meet automotive industry quality requirements and are both ISO 26262 ASIL B-compliant and ASIL D-compliant, as well as AEC-Q100 qualified. The device is also IEC-61508 SIL 2-compliant for industrial applications. Semper NOR Flash uses Infineon’s proprietary Mirrorbit technology, which allows two bits to be stored per cell, enabling higher memory density.

With a bandwidth of up to 400 MByte/s, Semper NOR Flash provides the performance required for “instant-on” applications, such as automotive instrument clusters or infotainment systems and industrial HMI systems. Infineon’s Endurance Flex architecture also enables individual partitions to be configured for 25 years of data storage or for more than 1 million P/E cycles. This allows a single component to be optimised for code storage, system data storage and data logging.

Developers can immediately access the Semper Solutions Hub. This contains software, kits and tools, as well as links to Infineon and third-party resources. Semper NOR flash memories are available now in storage densities from 512 Mb to 2 Gb.

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