PCI Express boards for Labcar testing system

PCI Express boards for Labcar testing system

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Automotive ECU development vendor ETAS GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany) has announced the availability of the first add-on boards for its Labcar testing system. The PCI Express boards facilitate hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) testing with extremely low latency time – a feature required for the development of electrical propulsion systems.
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The company introduced two boards. The ES5340 Electric Drive Simulation Board simulates all typical signals required for testing inverter and electric motor ECUs. Designed for applications with extremely high requirements on speed and precision, the ES5340 enables testing embedded software of electric motor controllers at signal level. The board is optionally available with a configurable FPGA-based inverter / electric motor model. According to ETAS, this model drastically reduces the pin-to-pin latency.

The other board, the ES5335, targets tests for conventional combustion engines, It is an arbitrary signal generator for crankshaft and camshaft angle sensors simulation. The new PCI Express boards can be deployed in a variety of systems, ranging from a simple, virtual-test Real-time test PC (RTPC) devoid of additional I/O hardware, to a highly complex networked testing system containing both real and virtual components. The new boards integrate into existing LABCAR systems, cooperating with VME based hardware.

For further information, please visit www.etas.com

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