Porsche expands development centre with a light channel

Porsche expands development centre with a light channel

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Intelligent lighting is becoming an increasingly important element for vehicles - for safety, but also for brand design. This can be seen from an investment that Porsche has now announced: The sports car manufacturer is expanding its development centre by adding a test bench building for headlamp development.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The Porsche designers not only want to improve visibility for the driver, but also the car’s recognisability for other road users. So far, the Porsche Development Center already has a light laboratory and a light evaluation track of approximately 30 meters in length. For night-time measurements and to assess the distribution of the headlamps, an outside test track is used. Due to the developments in lighting technology in recent years, engineers will in future need a development and testing environment that is independent of weather and time of day and provides reproducible ambient conditions. In addition to a 100 metre long, asphalted light evaluation track, the 2,700 m² building will include an analysis and testing area and a light measurement laboratory. According to current planning, it will go into operation at the end of 2022.

The test bench building will be adjacent to the design studio, which will open in 2014. Due to its location in the immediate vicinity of the studio, functional and design development will in future be brought together in one place. After consultation with the building authorities, the light channel will be built to cover the ground.

The investment in the new headlamp test bench building is part of a strategic development of Porsche’s development capacities. Since 2010, the company has invested a high three-digit million euro amount in the construction of new buildings and facilities.

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