PSI5 interface IC connects up to 24 sensors

PSI5 interface IC connects up to 24 sensors

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Elmos AG has introduced the E521.41 chip, an interface IC that enables data communication between microcontroller and sensors over four separate channels, each one capable of addressing six sensors. The transceiver meets PSI5 standard versions 1.3 and 2.1; data transfer occurs at speeds of 125 kbps or 189 kbps, respectively.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


PSI5 is an open standard for bidirectional sensor data transfer in vehicles. In comparison with existing analog solutions, PSI5 offers a number of benefits, in particular with respect to robustness, reliability and cost.

Across a cost-effective two-wire line, each channel in the E521.41 supplies a regulated DC voltage to its sensors. This line is also used for the bidirectional data exchange by modulation either current or voltage. The device supports Tooth Gap and Pulse Width modulation schemes. The channels can be operated both synchronously or asynchronously, as required. For the communication to the downstream microcontroller, the designer can utilize either an UART or an SPI interface. The E521.41 can be operated on voltages from 4.6 to 11V.

The device targets a broad range of applications from airbag to powertrain sensing. With respect to the safety requirements of such applications the E521.41 meets the highest standards, including ISO26262. The latter also has been applied during the design of the chip.

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