R&D partnership brings hydrogen power to urban air mobility

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Urban Aeronautics, which is pioneering the next generation of eVTOL aircraft for commercial air taxi and air rescue roles, and HyPoint, a leader in next generation, high power (HTPEM) hydrogen fuel cell systems, will jointly explore the development of an advanced version of Urban Aeronautics’ CityHawk eVTOL powered by HyPoint’s hydrogen fuel cell stack technology. As currently designed, CityHawk relies on hybrid propulsion.

CityHawk is a six-seat eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) craft, with a particular compact footprint and no external wings or rotors. Its small footprint/high payload configuration is optimized for urban transportation and emergency response. The rotorless, wingless design offers enhanced safety in comparison with most conventional rotor-based competitors. In addition, the developers hope to offer unrestricted mobility with unique “fly anywhere, land anywhere” door-to-door transportation capability. It features Urban Aeronautics’ proprietary internal rotor Fancraft technology, which utilizes powerful ducted fans in combination with innovative aerodynamic technologies that result in superior control, stability, speed, safety, noise reduction and sustainability.

City Hawk concept: No external rotors, no wings – and hydrogen fuel cell propulsion

HyPoint’s hydrogen fuel cell design features zero carbon emissions and – according to its developers – superior energy efficiency through higher specific power and practical output power capacity. The company claims that its turbo-air cooled fuel cells increase the lifespan of hydrogen powertrains from 5,000 to 20,000 hours and only take a few minutes to refuel, representing a significant improvement over existing systems.

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